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The most important thing that any foreign company wanting to promote their business in China can do is to create a website in Chinese that attracts the audiences in China. If you want to know the secrets to create a great website with the chance to reach nearly 600 million internet users in China, we could help and offer you an inspiration.

Social Media
Online branding can be effectively managed to promote business within China by using social media like Sina Weibo, Tencent QQ Weibo, RenRen, Douban, Kaixin, Qzone ,etc. To ensure you the best ranked and most visible information about your business.

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We have the tools and the expertise to build your brand in China, run your business operations and increase your online sales in the lucrative Chinese market. We will help you to attract more customers on the Chinese market by building an efficient website and also by promoting your brand and business through Chinese search engines and social media platforms.
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Study on the rules of time that companies weibo put posts.


slows down or blocks a whole host of international websites and businesses in favour of Chinese equivalents, including the likes of major international players, Google and Facebook.


Influencer marketing is a pivotal element in brand communications in China market as social media platforms are playing a dominant role in the life of Chinese consumers.


Usually parents will offer their children considerable sums of money for them to spend to relax and enjoy. And many of them choose to travel.

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