We have the tools and the expertise to build your brand in China, run your business operations and increase your online sales in the lucrative Chinese market. We will help you to attract more customers on the Chinese market by building an efficient website and also by promoting your brand and e-commerce store through Chinese search engines and social media platforms. We offer a complete range of service for you from commerce consulting to digital marketing operations.

Website In Chinese
The most important thing that any foreign company wanting to promote their business in China can do is to create a website in Chinese that attracts the consumers in China. If you want to know the secrets to create a great website with the chance to reach nearly 600 million internet users in China, we could help and offer you an inspiration.

Social Media
Online branding can be effectively managed to promote products within China by using social media like Sina Weibo, Tencent QQ Weibo, RenRen, Douban, Kaixin, Qzone ,etc These Chinese social platforms have power to improve the image of a brand among the Chinese consumers and increase conversion.

E-commerce Consulting
Using the commerce channel allows businesses in other countries to sell directly to consumers so that they can test the market and take advantage of this massive market.
However, with the increase in e-commerce activity, there has been an increase in consumer complaints and allegations of unfair competition, so the Chinese government has implemented new e-commerce rules that govern this market in China. Businesses hoping to emerge into this market must be aware of these rules in order to stay compliant.

Influencers These are celebrities and models from various backgrounds of excellence like blogging, tourism, culture, industry, fashion, journalism and more. They feature in interviews, top popular shows that have the power to convince the Chinese audience. Since the Chinese have a culture of much respect for these personalities, they are public relations vehicles for a brand to promote products and build an audience through community management. They appear in social media like Sina Weibo, WeChat JD to promote brands with huge result oriented impacts.

Baidu SEO
We don’t promise you too much, but also we want results, not only for you, clients and partner, but for us as well. In that regards, we always work on optimizing your campaign. Ideally, we aim at the first 10 results on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) for all the chosen keywords with the first rank in mind for every single one of them as a top objective. We deliver the goal we set together.

Chinese social media