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The Great Firewall of China

The Great Firewall of China

I’m talking about a huge firewall know as ‘The Great Firewall of China,’ which either slows down or blocks a whole host of international websites and businesses in favour of Chinese equivalents, including the likes of major international players, Google and Facebook.

Furthermore, it might also be informative to point out that email marketing is an avenue that won’t be as effective in China, as non-China hosted platforms will either be blocked or marked as spam. Social media is another avenue that is badly affected by this huge firewall and we’ll focus more on that further down.

Baidu favours Chinese over International language sites when ranking and to make it even more difficult to appear high up or on page 1 at all, rankings are interspersed with high cost adverts, listings of Baidu’s own information bases and lower budget paid ads. It gets to the point where there is only room for around 5 or 6 organic listings on page 1. Tough competition indeed.

See the dissected screengrab below on how the results are listed, showing a typical breakdown of page 1:

baidu seo breakdown img

Even if you were fully optimised and would ordinarily appear at position 1 organically on Google, in Baidu you would appear around position 7, position 2 would be 10 etc.

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